Paper Cutter Dispensers

Paper Cutter Dispensers

Paper Cutter Dispensers are some of the most efficient tools you can invest in if you’re doing any kind of packaging using paper on rolls. These rugged units are designed to last for years. Unit smoothly dispenses light to heavy weight papers. Cuts evenly, using either side of the double-edged, spring loaded blade. These dispensers can be mounted on or under a countertop or on a wall. All you need to do is determine which paper sizes you need on a regular basis and choose which cutter dispenser would best suit your needs. Multiple sizes are available based on your paper needs, however take note that our paper cutter dispensers can only be used with up to a standard 9 inch diameter roll. Recommended for paper weights from 30lb to 75lb basis weight.
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  2. 61-0335
  3. 61-0336
  4. 61-0340
  5. 61-0341
  6. 61-0342

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