Masking Tape

Masking Tape

Interesting Information About Masking Tape: There are many different types of tape available on the market, most of which are used in the DIY field. One of these tapes is masking tape. Basically, it is tape that is pressure sensitive. It is made of two parts, one being a paper that is thin and very easy to tear. The other is the pressure sensitive adhesive. These plastic products come in different widths. Most of the time, this type of tape is used when people paint their homes. It helps them to protect areas that should not be painted over. It is also very useful if you want to paint straight lines, because it helps you in staying inside the lines. The best part of this tape is that it's adhesive, which is what makes it so useful. Basically, when it is removed, it doesn't leave any residue. Also, it doesn't damage the surface that it was attached to, so long as that was dry of course. There are different levels of strength available in the tape, which basically denotes how strong the adhesive is. Generally, tape within the 50 range is sufficient for home DIY products. However, it is also possible to purchase household masking tape. Here, the paper is even weaker and the adhesive is of lower grade.
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