Kraft Paper

Kraft Paper

Kraft paper rolls are great items to have at hand. They can be used for a number of unique applications, for example wrapping parts, or packaging fragile goods for shipment. This paper is a versatile and an easy way to protect your products in transit. Kraft paper comes on nine inch counter rolls, once these rolls have been set up on a paper dispenser that makes cutting easy, they can be accessed quickly, allowing workers to slice off whatever length of paper they happen to need with ease, and then used to wrap an item using tape to seal everything up. This is often exactly how warehouses set things up and it can definitely make a big difference for those that are looking to have packing done easily and at a cost that makes sense. This brown paper is also a great product for protection of items that can be scratched. For example construction workers use this paper to protect floors and counters when working in homes. Painters use it for masking and protecting from paint over-spray and splatters. Kraft paper rolls are a convenient and cost-effective way to make sure your items are protected.
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