Dunnage Paper

Dunnage Paper

When it comes to getting the best value for your money Dunnage Paper is what you need. You will find is that this paper is one of the best values because it is incredibly versatile. And since it is low cost, it makes for a great investment that can be used in a number of different ways. In essence, Dunnage Paper is newspaper that does not have any ink on it. The same paper used by the newspaper industry to make newspapers for their subscribers. The paper has been found to work great for many packaging applications. The most common use for this kind of paper is filling voids. It can be wadded into any shape needed and this is a big part of its utility. Excellent for filling void spaces in oversize boxes when packing items for shipping and handling. Lightweight yet holds heavy items firmly in place in transit. This economical and versatile packing paper can also be used for layering and wrapping items to protect from scratches and damage. Dunnage paper comes on 23 inch wide by 9 inch counter rolls, or in 24x36 inch per cut sheets. Easy to tear, reuse and recycle.
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