Door Knob Bags

Door Knob Bags

Flyer distribution has long been an effective strategy for businesses to raise awareness about the services or products they provide. Our door hanger bags ensure that your flyers do not fall victim to wind or rain, and that the content can be easily read through the clear plastic. For an affordable price, you can ensure that your flyers reach their intended market in perfect condition.
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Door Knob Bags for Flyers and Brochures

Door knob bags are economical and simple to use. They are excellent for promotions and flyers. All one needs to do is to place the information inside the door hanger bags and place it on the door knob with the promotions within comfortable reach.


Use our plastic door hanger bags to ensure dryness of your paper or documents. It will also safeguard the contents from wind and bad weather. Plastic door knob bags are a very efficient way to shield coupons, newspapers, brochures, magazines as well as other literature. It is possible to manufacture low as well as high density poly bags with door knob hanging holes. We can mount with headers for simple and fast loading. Omnipak’s literature and newspaper door hanger bags are designed for convenient tearing. These door knob bags are offered in convenient packaging.


It is also possible to custom make door hanger bags according to your specifications and requirements on request. Strong, spacious bags can be bought in different sizes with enough room to keep your contents.


Plastic door knob bags also offer visibility to promotional material, samples and catalogs with a classic appearance. Don’t worry about the dirt and snow with these bags, they will protect against rain, snow and dirt. Door hanger bags from Omnipak are strong and hold documents neatly.


Door knob bags provide direct marketing options at its finest. It allows you to advertise directly at people's businesses and homes with a high retention rate as compared to normal type of direct mail. Ensure with Omnipak that when people come home, they carry your promotional material or flyers in door knob bags inside their houses.