Co-Extruded Bags

Co-Extruded Bags

High clarity co-extruded food bags made from a combination of liner low density polyethylene and polypropylene plastics. The blended material in these bags provide better oxygen barrier properties compared to regular polyethylene bags. Co-Extruded bags are designed to withstand freezing and microwave usage. These bags have the soft pliable feel of polyethylene bags, and the high clarity of polypropylene. Our co-extruded bags meet FDA requirements for food usage, and are heat sealable.
  1. Part No.
  2. 48-0535
  3. 48-0540
  4. 48-0545
  5. 48-0550
  6. 48-0555
  7. 48-0495
  8. 48-0500
  9. 48-0505
  10. 48-0510
  11. 48-0560
  12. 48-0565
  13. 48-0515
  14. 48-0520
  15. 48-0525
  16. 48-0530

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