Stretch Film Products

Stretch wraps are some of the most useful tools to have when packaging and shipping large items. Not all packaging supplies can provide a secure hold during transport especially when it comes to bulky and large items, which is why many shipping companies prefer to use stretch wrap products for these. There are different types of stretch wrap equipment you may want to consider before making a decision, with each having their own advantages and purposes. A pallet wrap for example is great for securing items that will be shipped together in a group or a single bulky item that is mounted on a pallet. The stretch film allows for a tight hold on the item or items, therefore preventing damage despite the inevitable jostling and mishandling during shipping and transport. A stretch tape bundling film on the other hand is quite ideal if you're trying to secure multiple lengthy items like carpets, pipes, and lumber. Instead of twine or strapping and wire, you can use stretch wrap products to package longer items properly, especially if they're going to be transported in an open truck or a flatbed trailer. This will prevent any untoward incident and help keep the items in good condition. After all, you wouldn't want your customers to receive the items they ordered in a less than presentable manner or they won't order from you again. Once you start using a stretch tape bundling film, the material will stretch over the items you want to secure for a tight fit. There is no need to worry about adhesive marks as well, as stretch wrap products like this do not contain any adhesives that may damage the surface of the items you are shipping.