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Josef Kihlberg Staples And Staplers Offer Superior Value. When it comes to shipping and packing, a lot of the work involved requires the right tools and supplies. While you can provide the know how you still have to make sure that everything is on hand for your employees to do the job right. At Omnipak, Josef Kihlberg staples and staplers are what we offer and we would like a chance to show you why that is. We are going to cover this brand, a bit about why our customers like it so much and also the different types of Josef Kihlberg staples and staplers that are available now. By the end, you will see that this is a very good brand for tools and well worth investing in. In case you did not know, the Josef Kihlberg comes from Sweden where it all started. The man Josef Kihlberg took a thriving business in that Scandinavian country and brought their products to the whole of Europe and North America. The staplers and staples the company makes are world class because the brand has stayed focused on doing one thing and doing it incredibly well. In 2006, they were bought by Illinois Tool Works, Inc. so they are now technically American owned. Quality, however, is just as you would've expected before - unrivaled in our industry.

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