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Over 1100 stock shipping and warning labels to choose from. Protect your valuable merchandise with proper labeling identification. Call attention to those sensitive or heavy items. Make sure those perishable items get handled properly. Meet compliance with DOT regulations by properly marking hazardous items. All Labels are made with permanent pressure sensitive adhesive. You have probably seen fragile labels in the past, even if you may have not used them. Basically, fragile shipping warning labels tell people that the item is fragile, but what exactly does that mean? Overall, it means that shippers assume something is in there that can easily break. This could be art, glass, China, pottery and so on. The label doesn't tell anybody exactly what is in the box, it just warns them to be extra careful. There are a lot of different warning labels available, not just fragile ones, but also labels with extra instructions. For instance: top load only, delicate instruments, handle with care or high claim value. These labels usually come in red, yellow or green. If you ever have to send something fragile to someone else, it is likely that you will stress about it right until the point that you hear it has been received in one piece. It is likely that you will put the item in a cardboard box or padded envelope, wrap it in bubble wrap and add a few packaging peanuts to the box for good measure, but that doesn't mean the box will be handled with care. It isn't until you put fragile shipping warning labels on there that you can breathe easily again, because you know people will handle your package with care. The truth is that packages are thrown about during transport and shipping, take a look at how baggage is handled at an airport for instance, and unless you warn the handlers that the item can break quickly, they will treat your box as if it were a paper ball.