Great Ways To Reuse Your Paper Shopping Bags

Paper Shopping BagsWhenever you go shopping at a good retailer, you will no longer receive plastic shopping bags. Instead, you will be provided with paper shopping bags, which are far better for the environment. However, you may end up finding yourself with a large amount of paper bags at home, so what can you do with them? Since it’s all about the environment, here are some innovative ways to reuse your paper bags, so that they don’t go back on landfills, contaminating the environment.

The first thing you can do is reuse your paper bags as wrapping paper. This is so easy to do, since you only need to cut the bags along the seams. Glue them together and you’ve got yourself a very large sheet of wrapping paper. This can give any package a really rustic look, particularly if you use rope or string to close up the package you have created. You can also decorate the paper shopping bags with glitter, stamps and accessories. This is something the kids will love helping you with. Another thing you can do, however, is simply return your paper shopping bags to the store that provided you with them. Because they are quite strong, they can often be reused so if you fold them up and take them with you, you can simply ask the cashier to package your new shopping in the bags that you have brought with you, rather than providing you with new bags every time you go to the store.

You can also use paper bags as book or diary covers. They make great covers for a textbook or for any other type of book that you use very often and don’t want to see damaged. Again, you can decorate the paper as you see fit, perhaps by also writing the title of the book and your name on it. Paper shopping bags are also amazing for other crafts, particularly the large bags that come with handles. You can use them to store any items that you only use seasonally, such as Halloween or Christmas decorations. Or, if you like doing crafts as a hobby, you could store all your different items in paper bags. Because they don’t melt, aren’t static and don’t stick to item, they are fantastic for storing small craft items. You can also use them to let your kids do crafts on, since paper bags make fantastic drawing paper that is a little bit different from simple white A4 sheets. Moreover, you can recycle paper bags in your paper bin. You can wrap fragile items in them, to keep them protected during any kind of transport. Clearly, they are incredibly versatile and there is no need to simply put them in the trash.