Custom Printed Plastic Bag

Elmers Flag and Banner bagPortland Nursery Bag


Minimum's as low as
3000 bags for standard ink colors.
5000 bags or more for specific PMS ink colors.


Available Materials
High Density HDPE: lightweight, durable, with matte finish.
Low Density LDPE: Strong, rip resistant, with a glossy finish.

Recycable symbol
Both Film Types Available In Biodegradable Plastic.



Bag Sizes
Dimensions high density: from 5 inch to 34 inch wide (including gussets).
Dimensions low density: from 3 inch to 40 inch wide (including gussets).

Available Thickness
High Density HDPE: from 0.5 mil to 3 mil.
Low Density LDPE: from 1 mil to 6 mil.

Available Film Colors
Film opacity varies depending on thickness.
Colors shown are approximations of actual film color. Sample swatches are
available upon request.

Hot Pink
Dark Green
Mint Green
Navy Blue
Dark Blue
Light Blue
Sky Blue
Wilco Blue

Ink Colors
Orders of 3000 bags only available with standard color inks.
Orders of 5000 bags or more can specify any PMS ink color.

Standard Ink Colors:
Color NameInk Color
Warm Red
Rubine Red
PMS 185 Red
Rhodamine Red
PMS 348 Green
Process Blue
Reflex Blue
PMS 872 Gold
PMS 877 Silver
PMS 876 Copper

Up to four spot colors per bag.

Examples as follows:

Option 1: Four color print on one side of the bag.

Option 2: Two color print on both sides of the bag.

Option 3: Three colors on one side of the bag and one color on other side of the bag.
3000 bags can only specify standard ink others. Orders of 5000 or more can
specify any PMS color.

Print Area
Unless otherwise specified, all art work will be centered on bags. Minimum
margin of 1 inch on all edges work best for most bags.printer bags image


During printing film can shift up 1/8 of an inch. On multicolor jobs,
white space should be left between colors and if possible. If colors must
overlap, trapping should extend 1/16 to 1/8 inch. When setting trapping,
the required print order is as follows: lighter colors first, followed by darker
colors, and black will always print on top.

Art Charges
If your artwork doesn’t meet the needed requirements for printing, artwork
adjustments is billed at $75.00 an hour.
Please check your design for needed text and typos. Art charges will apply
if additional text needs to be added to your artwork. If specific fonts
will be needed for additional text, please provide the font in PC format, or the
font name and a sample of the font.


Evergreen Aviation printer bagAll Artwork Must Be Approved Prior To Production
New print jobs or changes: we provide artwork proofs for all jobs which require
a signature of approval before production.

Acceptable Artwork Formats
Artwork must be sized to 100% of the actual final print size. For
multi-color designs, include a composite of the design, as well as separations
for each color. Separations should be sent as individual files with colors
converted to black (see trapping above). Label each file with the job name
and color.

Vector Format Only
Acceptable file formats: EPS, PDF, AI (CS3 or earlier), and CDR (X3 or earlier).
All text must be converted to a outlines (curves).
Halftones are printed at 35-lpi, and should be limited to larger areas for best
Files should be unsecured and editable. Tax must be converted to outlines.

NOT Acceptable File Formats
TIFF, JPG, GIF, BMP, PSD, or PNG image files must be converted prior to

Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, or other word processing documents must be adjusted
prior to printing. Because art made in these programs can shift from
computer to computer, a printed copy of the art is required.
InDesign or QuarkXPress files cannot be used.
Art charges apply if art needs to be converted.

Printed Artwork
If unable to see an art electronically, printed art may be acceptable, but
additional art charges will apply. Send original laser print at 100% size,
printed in black (one pray for separation) at a minimum of 300dpi. All
halftones should be printed at 35lpi screen. For multi color jobs, provide
a color composite as well as, each color separation printed in solid black (see
trapping above).


Lead Time: From final approval of artwork to completed production of bags runs 4-6 weeks.

Bag Styles:

T-Shirt Bags: Grocery carry out type bags
with handles and side gussets.

thsirt handles

Die Cut Handle: (not reinforced) handle available flat, or with gussets on sides or

die cut handles

Reinforced Patch Handle: Reinforced patch around handle, available in low
density plastic, flat, or with bottom gusset.

reinforced handle

Fold Over Die Cut Handle: Low density plastic, double layer top edge offers
added handle strength. Available flat, or with bottom gusset.

foldover die cut handle

Soft Loop Handle Bags: Excellent reusable bags, convenient strap handles and
double layer top edge. Low density plastic with or without bottom gusset.

soft loop handle


Promote Your Business or Brand with Custom Printed Bags

Many businesses use custom printed bags as an affordable and inexpensive way to advertise to potential customers. Customers can use the bags to carry merchandise or company representatives can hand them out with free samples, coupons and information at trade shows or community events. Regardless of how or when they are used, these promotional products will provide additional exposure for the business logo and name wherever they go.

If the your company uses a bag for any reason, it only makes sense to utilize the visible real estate on its side to display a business, name, logo or slogan. The buyer can choose from more than two dozen film colors and seventeen ink colors to create a unique look.

The bags are made from polyethylene materials and come in many thicknesses. The material can be 100 percent biodegradable and recyclable, so there are no worries about harming the environment. Low density polyethylene is from 1 mil to 6 mil thick while the thickness of high density polyethylene is between .5 mil and 3 mil. The thickness will determine how opaque the film color is.

The high density bags can be from 5" to 34" wide while dimensions for a low density bag are between
4" and 40" wide. Some styles are available with side or bottom gussets to allow room for contents to fit comfortably and to provide additional strength.

The t-shirt bag is the most basic style with a pair of loop handles and side gussets. It is similar to the bag used in most grocery stores these days. Buyers can also choose a die cut handle, which has a small oval cut into the bag near the top edge. A strap handle is a good choice for a reusable bag.

Regardless of use or style, custom printed bags offer business owners an effective and affordable way to promote any product, service or brand.