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  • Packing List Envelopes Are Crucial To Businesses Doing Shipping Today

    ple190_1Image of a Packing List Envelope Shipping is a process that businesses undergo on a regular basis and it in order to do it right, they need the right supplies. If your business does any shipping at all, it is likely that packing list envelopes are going to be needed and Omnipak offers a wide selection of options to consider. Right now, what we want to take a look at it is why these are such useful supplies, how they are used and also consider some of the different types of packing list envelopes available today. By the end, you should have a strong idea of your options and be better prepared to choose the right fit for your company’s needs.
    Why Packing List Envelopes Are So Important to Businesses

    When a box is shipped out, it is often going to contain more than one item and this is when these envelopes are particularly useful. It is very important that customers who receive a shipment know what all is in it and what these envelopes allow you to do is easily affix the packing list to the parcel in a secure manner that way it will not be overlooked. This can help reduce the number of calls that customer service has to deal with regarding shipments. It also gives the customer peace of mind knowing that there are no items missing that they paid for. Usually, these envelopes will be transparent so that list within them is easily spotted and this is a superior solution to having the packing slip be in the box where it could be accidentally discarded with the rest of the supplies used to pack whatever has been shipped.
    There Are Many Different Types of Packing List Envelopes Available Now

    Some envelopes are transparent plastic and contain no writing on them, but there are other varieties which state on them in bold text that they contain a packing list. There are also envelopes which state that an invoice has been enclosed and they serve an equally important purpose in business. Material data sheet enclosed envelopes are another option you may wish to consider which offer a similar value for those sheets. Most of these envelopes are 4.5 inches by 5.5 inches, but they range up to 8.5 inches by 10 inches for military spec envelopes. Whichever type of envelope is going to work best for your needs is up to your discretion, but Omnipak strives to make as many commonly used varieties available as possible so that you have plenty of choices.

    Saving on the Packing List Envelopes You Need is Simple to Do

    If you are looking for low prices, Omnipak can help. We offer durable packing list envelopes that will stand up to shipping conditions and serve their purpose well. We also strive to offer the best customer support in the industry and are pleased to answer any questions you might have regarding these envelopes. Low cost, quality service and timely shipment are the reasons you should consider us for your next purchase of these vital supplies.

  • What Are Some Different Types Of Packaging Supplies

    packaging supplies imageNowadays, we ship goods and products all over the world. There are businesses that have to send their products to other companies that will sell them for them, businesses that have to send their products directly to customers and individuals who send documents, gifts and any other type of item to their friends or relatives. Packaging supplies plan in incredibly important role in this. There are small packages and large, heavy freight items and they get shipped each and every day across the world. It will come as no surprise that there are many packaging supplies that are designed to deal with different types of items. In fact, there are supplies and shipping options that have been created for any situation that you could come up with, from sending a postcard to sending organ donations. Here follows some of the most commonly used shipping options today.

    Shipping Boxes

    The most common type of supplies are boxes. More often than not, these packaging supplies have been made out of corrugated cardboard. This is a type of cardboard that has an insulating wall between to flat sheets of regular cardboard. These white boxes are very strong and can easily deal with all the hardship they go through on-board trains, planes and boats when they are being shipped. The items should arrive at their destination in a good condition, even if the box has perhaps been damaged a little bit here and there. Generally, couriers and postal services accept any type of box, so long as it meets the height and weight restrictions that have been set. However, most of these courier services have their own packaging supplies and they encourage customers to use these, rather than creating their own box. Some even offer this service at no extra cost. This is quite advantageous for customers, because they will know for sure that the box will be of high standards and that their items will be fully safe. The most important part, however, is to prepare the box ready to be shipped. For this, a lot of different types of packaging supplies are needed, including paper confetti, bubble wrap and polystyrene pieces such as popcorn or polystyrene balls. These are there to make sure that the space around an item is completely filled and hence offers not just protection but also padding. Hence, the items will not move about while they are in the process of being shipped. Naturally, the boxes also need to be closed. Tape is generally used for this. Most of the time, real packaging tape is wider than regular cello tape and it is also a lot stronger and stickier. Usually, packaging tape is either clear or lightly colored, giving it the same color as the cardboard box.

    Labels As Packaging Materials

    labels1-190One very important part of shipping is the label. Without labels, you can have the best packaging supplies in the world, but your items will never arrive at their destination. A lot of people choose to make their own labels, which is in essence pretty simple. All that is needed is a bit of paper and some tape right? This isn't a very good idea, actually, because it is easy for the paper to rip or for the tape to come undone, leaving your box with no label whatsoever. Other people would then choose to use normal stationary labels and although this is a better idea than tape, these labels easily come off, so they are also not the best possible option. Instead, it is advised to use shipping labels that are offered by the shipping company you are using. These are incredibly sticky and they are printed, meaning that there are also no issues with people not being able to read your handwriting. If you have a contract with a shipping company, you may even be able to have your company logo printed on the label. Generally, the labels show the addressee's details, but they also have a space for the sender's details. This is very beneficial in case there has been a mistake in the addressee's details, because it allows shipping companies to return the product to the sender. Again, if you have a contract with a shipping company, they will generally be more than happy to print your address on it as standard as well.

    Mailing Tubes As Packaging Materials

    It isn't all about boxes, however. Another one of the popular types of packaging supplies are the mailing tubes. These are becoming increasingly popular, because they are very versatile. These packaging supplies are basically round tubes and any item you want to send can be placed inside the tube. Traditionally, people only used mailing tubes for documents and posters that could be rolled, but you can just as easily stack smaller items on top of each other in these tubes. They are made of a very strong and sturdy cardboard, leaving your items very well protected. Again, most postal companies are happy to accept mailing tubes, so you should have no issues sending your items through this method.

    Customized Shipping Supplies

    Last but not least, there are the customized options. Customized packaging supplies are usually used for large freight. Flat resin strapping and wooden boxes are two examples of large freight that are generally customized options. This is what is known as specialty packaging and is often made to measure, rather than allowing different customers to purchase it in bulk. If you are sending items through a freight line, you will often be provided with guidelines on how you should and shouldn't package your items so that they are ready for shipment. If you don't listen to these guidelines, you are unable to blame the shipping company for any damage that your items have incurred. A lot of long haul carriers allow they customers to access the right packaging materials, particularly if the customer doesn't have any themselves. These packaging supplies come in a lot of different sizes, shapes and strengths. It is best to speak to a professional shipping company like Omnipak to ask about the type of packaging that is best suited for your specific items.

  • Finding The Best Packing And Shipping Supplies

    packaging supplies imageIf you're in the business of moving and transporting items and various pieces of equipment you need to make sure that you have reliable tools on hand to make the job easier. Aside from your moving tools, you also need to consider the kinds of packing and shipping supplies you use when transporting goods and items. There are many different types of packaging materials and equipment used keep items protected and safe, and it would be up to you to choose the ones that are appropriate for your line of business. When moving glass and other breakable items for example, you need to have a fragile label for each box you put the items in to ensure that anyone handling the item will be careful with it. This allows you to rest easy knowing the packages are correctly handled during transport.

    Aside from this, you also need to ensure that the items you're transporting arrive in excellent condition at the intended destination. This means keeping free of dust and moisture that can cause damage to the items in the long run. To prevent dust particles and moisture from affecting the quality of the items, you can choose to wrap them in plastic poly bags in addition to the padding or lining you have already placed in the box. This ensures that the items are in the same condition as when they were packaged, thereby saving you money in the process. Find a supplier that can provide you with sturdy packaging supplies for your business especially if you want to establish a reputation as one moving and shipping company that customers can rely on.

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