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  • Learn About Paper Cutter Dispensers And Why Companies Use Them

    papercutterlrgPacking and shipping are two tasks that are incredibly important because how well they are performed often makes the difference in whether or not an item arrives at its destination in perfect condition. We always want to do our best, but often we do not have the right tools and this is why you may want to consider the value of a paper cutter dispenser if you have a facility where a lot of packing and shipping is being done. These tools can make things easier for you and your employees, which is what we want to talk about today. We will also talk about durability and why it is so important, as well as mounting and placement issues for paper cutter dispensers. By the end, you should have a good idea of what these tools are all about, as well as why Omnipak could be your best choice when you need paper cutter dispensers that are built to last, as well as the best in customer service along the way. Let’s get started taking a more detailed look at these important tools.

    What Are Paper Cutter Dispensers And How Do They Work?

    The purpose of this tool is to allow you to put on a roll of paper and then unroll sheets to the length you need and slice them off where you want them quickly and easily. The paper rolls can be easily changed whenever you need and the blade should not need to be cleaned or sharpened often at all. This means today’s paper cutter dispensers can be used again and again without wearing out in the process, that’s good news for many companies that rely on these tools day in and day out. You can use these dispensers to cut all types of paper, such as heavy duty kraft paper ranging from 30lb to 75lb paper weight. You will find that the blade is double sided to make things simpler for you and also that it is spring loaded so the cutting process is very quick and easy. These features are important to remember because not all dispensers are created as intelligently as the ones offered by Omnipak today. Don’t settle for less, because with a tool like this that you use on such a frequent basis, choosing a low quality model may look good at first if it is cheap, but it will lead to frustration that you do not need over the long run.

    Why Do So Many Businesses Use Paper Cutter Dispensers Today?

    Lots of businesses use paper when they are doing their packing and it is a low cost packing solution. By having these dispensers around their facilities, they can help employees get the right amount of paper for packing easily and quickly. The dispensers reduce the need for manually cutting off sheets of paper and this often means that a lot less paper ends up getting wasted. It also means that employees are not as tired out by the whole process which is good since they will perform better if they are not exhausted. Since these reliable tools are typically a onetime investment, they quickly pay for themselves and this is very important in businesses where ROI has to be considered in order to make wise budgeting decisions. As environmental concerns continue to grow, more companies are deciding that paper is the right packaging material for them instead of foams or plastic so these dispensers are playing a more prominent role in packing and shipping industries, particularly in the North America and Europe.

    Durability is Important in Paper Cutter Dispensers

    There are few tools in a shipping facility that are going to need to be as durable as your dispensers should be. Most of the time, these tools are getting used over and over again by a number of different people who are in a hurry so you need them to be well constructed. Also, depending upon where they are located, they may get bumped into by people or other objects so you do want to know that they will hold up. Omnipak focuses on offering high quality dispensers that are built to last and yet are still very affordable.

    Contemporary Paper Dispensers Come in a Variety of Sizes

    You can find these paper cutter dispensers in a number of sizes that have to do with the length of the blade where the cutting is done and the width of paper in which it holds. Sizes ranging between 12 inch to 36 inch are most common and will accomplish what most companies have in mind easily. You mainly want to consider size when thinking about where your dispenser is going to be located so that you know you have enough available space.

    Think About Mounting When Ordering Paper Dispensers

    Often these dispensers will need to be mounted. The process is relatively quick and if you have questions regarding this you can speak to an Omnipak representative who will be able to answer your questions about the specifics of mounting. For the most part the process is simple and having your dispenser properly secured to a wall or other heavy object is generally going to make it easy to work with. Some situations will mean that the dispenser should be at a horizontal orientation, but other times you may want it vertically oriented. The choice is up to you and each facility will have different needs that have to be met.

    Ordering Quality Paper Cutter Dispensers is Easier with Omnipak

    If you are looking for a paper dispenser then may be your best choice. We offer a range of different sizes and focus on the most durable dispensers available on the market. As a company focused on meeting your shipping and packing needs, we know that you need affordable prices and at the same time, a product that is going to last you for years to come. We also realize that you need your item as quickly as possible and that you need quality customer service along the way to give you peace of mind.


  • Take Advantage of the Many Uses of Tissue Paper

    Tissue Paper ImageAt one point in time, tissue paper was tissue paper. It came in a plain white color, and its main purpose was for packing. When something needed to be protected, this product always fit the bill.

    If you were shipping a package through the mail and didn't want the contents damaged, wrapping it in this resilient product would guarantee intact arrival. If you were moving across town or across the globe, all of a family's breakable and fragile items were enveloped in this white gossamer wrapping that looked so fragile and yet, could withstand so much. Even after the introduction of bubble wrap, this paper continued to be widely used for a number of purposes.

    When this product began to come in a variety of colors such as blue, pink, red, yellow, and green, its uses became more even more widely used. People who enjoy creating things came up with the idea of using it to make flowers for decorations at weddings, bridal showers and baby showers. The gifts themselves were covered in the tissue paper and placed in decorative bags.

    One of the newest rages in the world of crafting is scrapbooking where the semi-transparency of this filmy tissue can be used in a number of ways. Crumple it up, smooth it out, and glue it to a sheet in the album. You have an excellent backdrop on which to apply your other embellishments.

    Another of the many favorites is to gather up some white glue that dries clear, a small brush, water and a bottle or a vase. Once the glue has been watered down, apply it to the vase or bottle. Torn pieces of different colored tissue are then stuck to the object. When it is fully covered, apply another coat of the paste and let it dry. In little time you have created a one of a kind container. Think how lovely a bouquet of flowers would look in this setting.

    These are just a couple examples of the many things you can do using tissue paper as your base. Keep plenty of it on hand as you never know when you will have a need for it. Shipping, gift giving and crafting is touching the surface of the many things for which this great product can be used.

  • Kraft Paper Rolls Are Vital For Those Doing Shipping Today

    Kraft paper rollsProtecting items that must be shipped is very important today there are a number of supplies out there which a company or individual can purchase that will help make this easier to do. Among these options is Kraft paper, a solution that is sometimes overlooked, which is incredibly versatile. This type of paper is created from wood fibers, but it is much stronger than other similar products due to the process (called the Kraft process) used to make it. Typically, this kind of packing material is purchased in the form of Kraft paper rolls and it can be sliced off at any length and then used to wrap an item, using tape to seal everything up, or it can be bunched up and shaped to fit into voids to help an item not move around during shipping. This is definitely one of the more versatile types of shipping supplies and because of this, it is not uncommon to see massive Kraft paper rolls at a number of different types of industrial facilities where packing items is done. Due to how easy it is to shape this paper into whatever form is needed, it can be a convenient and cost effective way to make sure that items will be as protected as possible while they are in transit.

    In terms of providing a barrier, Kraft paper is one of the best solutions out there today. It naturally resists the elements and is much stronger than other types of paper one could use. Most Kraft paper rolls have 40 lb or 60 lb paper and offer you between 1,275 feet and 825 feet of paper per roll. This is a very good value and, once these rolls have been set up on a dispenser that makes cutting easy, they can be accessed quickly, allowing workers to slice off whatever length of paper they happen to need with ease. This is often exactly how warehouses set things up and it can definitely make a big difference for those that are looking to have packing done easily and at a cost that makes sense for the enterprise in question.

    For those who need this type of packing supply, it really does make sense to order in bulk. These days, finding a supplier of Kraft paper rolls is relatively simple and using the right one will ensure that you get a durable, useful packing supply that is going to serve you well. Be sure you are working with a supply company that offers easy ordering over the web and also look for one which offers an extensive knowledge of the products they sell. This will make things much easier for you when ordering this vital material.

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