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  • Using A Bag Sealer To Protect Products From Damage While In Transit

    Bag SealerProper packaging of products and goods is important for any business. There may be significant losses associated with damages caused by sub-par packaging methods and materials. Since plastic bags are commonly used in packing almost any kind of product, sealing the bags is extremely necessary to reinforce protection against dirt and moisture. The tool of choice for most businesses is a bag sealer that use heat to seal together two pieces of plastic. While there are some packaging materials that can be sealed with packing tape, bag sealers are perfect for smaller items and even for food grade products. There are different types of sealers that can be operated by hand or industrial sized ones that are automatic and can increase efficiency in production.

    Automatic sealers are commonly found in large manufacturing companies while tabletop or hand held sealers are used by small businesses. The size of the bag sealers can also be customized based on the need of the business. Using a bag sealer can also be extended to a domestic setting. You can use a sealer at home to keep items for storage and keep them from dust and damages. Sealers can also be used to pack food and together with a vacuum sealer, food can be kept for a longer period of time. Bag sealers are extremely versatile and useful in many businesses. It is not only used to protect products for shipping and transit, it can also be a practical tool for storage at home. Smaller models are perfect for home use and you can find them in stores that supply packaging materials.

  • The Advantages Of Clear Plastic Bags As A Packaging Material

    If you are trying to look at the kinds of packaging materials you can use for your retail business, then why not look into using plastic bags? But the kind of plastic bags you use will depend on the kind of business you are engaged in. If, for instance, you run a candy counter then you may want to make use of some clear plastic bags because these are very cheap to get and they are also very easy to dress up. All you have to do is get some colorful bag ties or even some colorful rubber bands and you have a very unique packaging right there. But the advantages of plastic do not stop there as there are other benefits you may like.

    For one, plastic is very cheap so you can get dozens for a very cheap price. You also have the option of going for clear plastics that you can have printed with your company logo so they remain relatively simple but you they can also be used to advertise your company. You may be against plastic as it is bad for the environment but did you know that plastic bags can be recycled? And as it happens, it takes far less energy to recycle plastic than to recycle paper. So if you are looking for a packaging material which is cheap and versatile then plastic may just be the packaging material for you. You may need to add more money to have it printed with a logo but it is still really cheap nonetheless.

  • Many Uses Of Door Hanger Bags

    Door Knob BagsFor any business or institution that wishes to raise awareness in people about the services they offer or messages they wish to spread, information dissemination can be quite the challenge. One supposes that you can always go online and start an active online marketing campaign but nothing beats those good old flyers, does it? However, if you have ever seen people being handed flyers and seeing them throw it away, you may feel as if money is being wasted. Leaving flyers in peoples' homes can be a hit or miss thing because these flyers can get wet or can get blown by the wind and your precious flyer will be nothing more than trash. If you want to use flyers for your information dissemination or your marketing activities, why not go and get some door hanger bags? What do door hanger bags have to do with flyers you ask? Well, these bags are usually made of clear plastic and were design to be hung from door knobs or even from fences and since they were design to stay put, you do not have to worry about your flyers getting blown away by the wind. Since your flyers will be inside plastic door hanger bags, you do not have to worry about them getting wet either. Another good thing about these clear plastic door hanger bags is that people know what is inside the moment they spot your advertising material so they do not have to feel suspicious about what is inside. They may cost you just a bit more money but at least you can be sure that your flyers will reach their intended market.

    The advantages of these bags do not stop there. You see, there are some building complexes that will only allow flyer distribution if the materials are inside the plastic bags so they do not litter the hallways of the building. These buildings will require you to submit your flyers inside the plastic door knob bags you intend to use before granting you access inside their building. If your target market is inside that building, you have to invest the extra money because it you will get your investment back tenfold. This is a strategy that many fast-food delivery companies love to employ and has been one of the most effective ways to leave their advertising materials in many homes.

    If you want to try out these plastic bags, you may want to order them in bulk so that you save money. Omnipak offers you wholesale prices on these bags. You will also notice that these bags come in many different sizes and that the company will give you the option of customizing your bags to make them as eye-catching as possible.

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