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  • Go Green With Die Cut Mailer Boxes

    Die Cut MailersThere are many names for mailer boxes. Some people call them tuck and fold mailers, literature mailers, pizza boxes or shipper boxes. As is said in literature "what's in a name"? The reality is that die cut mailers have been around for a long time, regardless of their name. They are once again gaining in popularity because they are very green. In years gone by, die cut mailer boxes were made from virgin board. They were highly popular due to their versatility in terms of storing and shipping. However, the world is going green - thankfully - and these items became a big no-no. Until, that is, they started to be created out of recycled corrugated materials. Nowadays mailer boxes are 100% recycled. This means that they are no longer white. In order for a box to be white, it has to have an outer layer and this outer layer is generally made from virgin board. Boxes that are white on the inside are fully virgin board. So, if you want a fully white die cut mailer box, you aren't being as ecologically friendly as you could be.

    You may wonder why most of these mailers have long been white outside and in. Basically, white has always been seen as cleaner, nicer and overall better. Interestingly, however, when you ship and item in one of those boxes, they tend to arrive with a lot of dirt and marks on them, particularly the die cut mailer boxes that are white inside and out. The white outer layer tends to look somewhat okay, but the inside is totally destroyed. So why would you use completely white mailer boxes? Why not step away from the thought that something is better just because it is white.

    Very often, these types of mailers look more like presentation boxes and not shipping boxes. The flaps that close and lock the die cut mailer boxes disappear into the front and/or sides of the panels. There is generally no need to use tape to store it even better. Furthermore, die cut mailer boxes give items a very attractive look, a very clean look, whether they are white or not. Anything from pharmaceutical products to collection's items can be stored in these mailer boxes. It is also possible to purchase fully corrugated panel and although these use more material and are hence less environmentally correct, they do store a lot of items and they are significantly stronger than any other type of packaging material. One of the key things with mailer boxes is that they are so easy to use. Whether you are sending a stack of papers, a video cassette or a fragile heirloom, you will know that they arrive safely.

  • Choosing The Right Packaging Material

    Packing FoamThere are different types of packaging materials available in the market these days, and if you are looking for cost efficient supplies for your shipping or packaging company it is important that you consider a few things before purchasing packaging materials that you can use for your business operations. One of these things is the type of material that you can use to pack various items in. Keep in mind that there are plenty of options in the market if you're looking for packaging supplies, and the packaging material you use will determine how protected the item is during shipping or transport. If you're in the food delivery industry for example, you have to choose packaging materials that will allow you to preserve the food's excellent condition for as long as possible or until it reaches its destination.

    Another thing that you should consider when looking for appropriate packing supplies is cost. There are packing materials that are more expensive than others, so make it a point to compare between the supplies you want to purchase and set aside a budget for these. Corrugated boxes for example are more affordable than timber crates, although it would depend on the weight of the items you are packaging. Plastic containers are also some of the most popular options. Plastic containers are durable can keep the items moisture and dust-free. Regardless of which you choose, make sure that you find a reliable supplier of the packaging materials you need to ensure quality at affordable prices.

  • Bag Sealer Varieties And Options

    Bag SealerIf you have gone online to look at the many different types of sealers for plastic bags it is possible that you may have gotten somewhat confused. Do not be daunted as this tends to happen especially if you do not know much about these sealers yet. However, to make it easier on you comparing one bag sealer from another may just help your figure out which one is best for you. Take for instance the difference between a constant heat sealer and an impulse sealer. Both have heating elements which make use of electricity which then powers the heating device but the impulse sealer only makes use of a brief pulse of electricity to come up with a heat level that is high enough to heat the bag for a few seconds. But the constant heat sealer uses a steady source of heat to seal the bags and protect the contents inside it. The kind of sealer you get depends on the material the bags you are sealing are made of. The thicker the material you need to seal, the more the sealer needs to be highly capable.

    If you are heating bags made of mylar, polycellophane, and foil, then the constant sealer may be better for you to get since it tends to seal bags with higher melting points due to the fact that it has a steady source of heat. Not only do you have to choose between constant heat sealers and impulse sealer, but you may also have to choose between getting a manual sealer or one which is automatic. Again, what you get depends in what you need.

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