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  • Tips For Choosing The Right Packaging Supplies For The Job

    Anyone who is planning a move, putting items into storage or shipping items to another location has a need for quality packaging supplies. Consumers have many options when choosing boxes, tape and packing materials but the goal is find something that adequately protects the contents whether they are being stored in a closet or shipped across the country.

    Shipping BoxesConsumers can buy boxes in a variety of sizes and styles. Choosing the right boxes depends largely on how they will be used. Ordinary brown boxes are typically used for storing or shipping various items. White cartons are more suitable when boxes will be stored in a visible place and a higher quality of presentation is needed. Boxes are flat when shipped from the supplier and will require some assembly before use.

    Record file boxes are made specifically for storing paper records. They will accommodate standard paper and file sizes. Some come with a separate lid while others are completely self-locking with an attached cover. Slots cut into the ends make them easy to pick up and carry. Boxes with double or triple bottoms and ends are more durable and will contain contents best when the boxes are in transit. These boxes are white on the outside and have a grid on the end where the user can record dates, contents and inventory numbers.

    Shipping boxes come in different designs suitable for shipping many items. Standard boxes have a single wall construction and are adequate for shipping most items. Boxes with double walls are rated to carry more weight and are better for heavy items like automobile parts.

    Clear packaging tape comes in rolls 2" or 3" wide and lengths of 55 yards and 110 yards. This tape sticks firmly to cardboard and stands up to the weight of the contents without coming loose. Convenient tape dispensers are made in sizes to accommodate the two different tape widths. These heavy duty dispensers allow users to seal up a box in a matter of seconds without the need for a second person to hold the sides in place.

    Polyethylene roll foam is used to wrap fragile items and provide cushion if the box is jostled or dropped. Foam is useful for wrapping up oddly shaped items and several layers can be used in vulnerable areas. Bubble wrap offers another option for protecting breakable objects from vibration and shock. If multiple pieces are being stored or shipped, the wrap will provide a barrier between them to prevent nicks, chips and scratches.

    Bubble PackBubble wrap has the added benefit of being useful for filling any empty space in the box to keep contents from shifting around. Corrugated pads are helpful when shipping and storing flat items like picture frames and mirrors. They can be used as layer pads in larger cartons for additional support and cushioning.

    In addition to boxes, tape and padding materials, consumers can choose from a variety of shipping envelopes and tubes in a range of sizes. Selecting the right packaging supplies ensures the contents will be in perfect condition whether they are put in storage or packed for shipment to a distant location.

  • Why Use Fragile Shipping Labels On Your Packages

    fragile labelsIf you are moving to a different house then you will need to put all your things in many different boxes so the movers can take them and also, you have to label them as to what the contents are. If you are shipping furniture or electronics, then you will want to pack them properly so they do not come to any harm. Writing down what the box contains is one thing but if you really want to keep the contents of your package safe, then you should perhaps look into acquiring some fragile shipping labels to stick into the boxes you are using for shipping or for storing your things in so you can give them extra protection. If you are doing any inventory then you will also want to find some way to make sure that your packages are handled the right way so they do not get damaged while in transit.

    How Fragile Labels are Used

    It is impossible that you have never seen any of those fragile labels before and if you have seen them, you may wonder what they are really used for. Of course using the fragile shipping labels lets people know the contents of the box are fragile but what does this mean in a larger sense? So what if you have a fragile label on your box? If you are shipping or storing objects, then using these fragile shipping labels will help ensure the safety of the objects within the package. You can find all sorts of labels specifically to suit your needs. If you take time to visit the makers of these labels they will be more than happy to show you all sorts of fragile shipping labels they produce until you find the one which suits your needs. They will usually have the standard fragile label which people use when they do not have any other choice but there are also fragile labels suited for different objects.

    When you ship glass items like say lamps or mirrors and even vases, your heart may be in your throat up until the time you get a call from the recipient saying they have received the item and it is still in one piece. You may pack it in several layers of foam sheets and bubble wrap, throw it in a box and add some foam peanuts but it will be better for you and the item if you also stuck several fragile shipping labels for glass items on the box so the people who handle your package know to take extra care. A standard fragile label may not cut it and it will be better for everyone involved if they know why they have to be extra careful with your package.

    Fragile Labels for Furniture and Electronics

    labels1-190If you are sending some furniture or perhaps some wood pallets then do not make the mistake of thinking that padding the corners and stuffing them in a box will ensure their safety. You will be surprised at the conditions items go through when they are shipped as they are tossed, jostled, and crushed by other items. If you can spare the time and the change to slap some fragile shipping labels for wood pallets on your items then you will be helping to ensure they also reach their intended destination in one piece. It is already standard practice for sellers to put fragile stickers on furniture so they can make sure these items stay safe and they do not get complaints from their customers. Forgetting to slap on a fragile label on your package may make for a very costly mistake.

    For people who ship electronics which cannot be turned upside down for fear of damaging the item, you may want to go for the fragile stickers which point to the direction a package should be placed to face to. "This side up" stickers are always very useful, as they happen to give specific direction. You certainly would not want a lamp to be placed upside down, nor do you want your washing machine to be placed and delivered to your customers only to have them open the package to find their washer with the wrong end up. If you are looking for fragile shipping labels and you seldom use them then go to a stationary store or an office supply store and you will be sure to find different kinds. But if shipping items is your business and you need these labels all the time, you may be better off buying them in whole sale prices from the manufacturers themselves so you get to save money and you also get too choose from all the designs they have available.

  • Talk To A Bag Supplier For The Best Deals

    If you run a business and you need plastic bags, then you will want to make sure you get them at the best prices possible. This is but natural for any business and if you want to get your plastic bags at the best prices then forget about buying them retail and look to buying them in bulk from a bag supplier instead. Bag suppliers will often give you better deals if you buy in bulk. Buying these clear plastic bags in bulk is really the best way to save money and it will also get you the best selection of bags. But this is not the best part, buying plastic bags from suppliers is very easy especially if you look online. Not only do you get great prices and a lot of bag style choices but there are some suppliers who will print logos on your bags if you want them to.

    In terms of bag choices, a good supplier will have every style you can think of from the plain clear plastic bags to door knob bags which are very handy to have around especially if you are handing out flyers and you do not want to just leave them in the doorstep. People appreciate these plastic door knob bags because they can be re-used, so if you have your logo on that bag then you get a lot of mileage from it. If you want to get poly bag packaging for your retail items or items you are going to store or ship, then contact online suppliers and try to get the best deals. You can ask for a quote on the prices they can offer can go for the ones with the best deals.

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