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  • Tips For Using Corrugated Boxes

    BoxesCorrugated boxes come in a vast variety of sizes. People have used them for years to help organize homes and offices as well as help with packing and moving. They can be used for many things but there are common reasons to use these cardboard containers that can help make one's life a whole lot easier. Here are a few tips on getting the most out of these helpful containers.

    One of the most common uses is for relocating items. This could be the relocation of a business or a residence. A large box is perfect for packing up clothes and linen. Medium and smaller sized boxes are good for dishes, personal hygiene items and office supplies.

    Another popular reason why people often use a box is to ship items. People ship gifts off to loved ones, businesses ship products bought by consumers and others use them for shipping and transporting all kinds of items. The cardboard construction of a box makes for a durable container to keep the items inside from being damaged during rough handling that may occur during the shipping process.

    Cardboard containers are also used by many for storage and organization purposes. There are homeowners and business professionals used them to keep garages, closets and cabinets organized. Since they are essentially made out of durable brown paper, they can be written on to further help with organizing. They can also be easily stacked to maximize space in areas where this is a problem.

    There are far many more ways that people make good use of corrugated boxes. One can easily get a hold of a variety of sizes by contacting a company that sells shipping supplies and products. Prices for these containers are fairly inexpensive compared to others and they can be bought in bulk and bundles to make them even more affordable.

  • Protect Electronics With Anti-Static Bags

    Anti-Static bags ImageElectronics and digital devices typically cost a great deal of money and hold valuable information for us, so no one wants to see them get damaged. In this day and age, we all rely heavily on this kind of technology so losing everything would be nothing short of devastating for a private individual or a business, either one. In order to understand how you can protect your devices using Anti-static bags, what we wanted to do was go a little more in depth explaining how static causes harm, what makes it especially dangerous today and what you can do to protect yourself from unexpected mishaps. Once you understand all of these facts, you will see why Anti-static bags are so valuable and why your home or company should invest in them. Let's get started learning more right now.

    What is Electro Static Discharge?

    Cause for concern over Electro Static Discharge (most commonly referred to as ESD) is relatively recent and came along with the arrival of more sensitive electronics. As we all know, anything electronic makes use of electricity and while static electricity is not the same as electricity that comes out of a wall socket, it can affect sensitive devices. The ESD we are talking about today is generally created by a human who is moving across carpet or another static inducing surface that builds up a charge in their body due to friction. You have most likely felt a shock like this when you touched a doorknob after crossing a room or touched someone else and shocked them. That discharge was around 2,000 volts or so and is the basic level of ESD that is produced by a human. We cannot feel charges lower than this voltage and even though it is a significant charge, the current is extremely low so it does not kill us. The basic reason that Anti-static bags were developed is to protect sensitive items like computer components against this kind of shock and we will get into more on that later on.

    Why is ESD Damaging to Sensitive Electronic or Digital Equipment?

    Part of the reason that ESD is so damaging, and that we need good quality Anti-static bags is because studies have discovered that in some instances a person walking across carpet can generate 20,000 volts of static charge. As you might imagine this has a pretty powerful effect on sensitive equipment. In areas with high humidity, lower voltage ESD occurrences are more common, but you do need to be careful because as the humidity gets lower the voltage has a tendency to go up. This increases the danger level and means Anti-static bags are even more important. If this happens to a sensitive component such as a hard drive, RAM chips or a processor, you can be in for real grief. The chip or other component can be damaged easily and even totally destroyed. This can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in replacement while Anti-static bags cost less than a dollar a piece in most cases. You can see the advantages here, but you also need to know that damaged components will sometimes pass tests and still function for the most part, but exhibit erratic behavior over the course of their lifetime. That is why you need full protection.

    Today's Chips and Electronics Can Be Even More Vulnerable to ESD

    Low power consumption computer chips are a great idea, but there is a dark side. These chips are need less energy to operate, yet ESD can damage them even more easily because they are more sensitive than their older cousins. This is why you need to make doubly sure that you are protecting them to the best of your ability. It will make your life easier and definitely means you will get good results.

    The Way to Protect Sensitive Technology From ESD

    The real way to protect your components, even if you are not worried about ESD, is with Anti-static bags. These are a small investment and they can save you a huge amount of money. Keep in mind that if you regularly sell components, these bags can be purchased in bulk. Do not regret skipping over the protection because you will only need to lose one expensive component before you see just how valuable these bags really are.

    Where to Find the Right Bags That Offer What You Need Today

    You can find suppliers of these bags on the web. Work with a specialist wholesaler to get the best prices. You will end up glad you did.

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